Charles Weaver’s Math Page


This page contains a number of programs that may help you with learning about math.



The Cat-Dog Problem


This program helps you work the Cat-Dog problem which you received as an exercise during Week 1. It will keep track of the words you generate and make sure that all of the words satisfy the rules of the game.



Division of Polynomials


This program walks you through the steps of division of a polynomial by a binomial. The program gives random examples

and tells you what to do at each step.


Modular Arithmetic Calculator


This calculator does arithmetic base seven and other numbers. It allows you to perform all four arithmetic operations in systems that are based on primes and all but division in the other cases. It also computes powers of numbers in these systems and translates sentences into sequences of numbers and sequences of numbers into letters.


Approximating Square Roots


This program gives an example of how calculators can use polynomials to calculate square roots and other functions.


Math Chat


This chat program allows you discuss math online with another person at a different computer using mathematical notation.


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